Michael Hyatt’s This is your Life (How to Create More Mental Focus)

One of the podcasts I recently listened to is Michael Hyatt’s This is your Life (How to Create More Mental Focus?)

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In this episode, Michael discussed the ten (10) tips and techniques on how to create mental focus.  According to him, “Mental focus is not something, we either have or don’t have”.

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Here are the ten(10) tips and techniques on how to create mental focus, as discussed:

  1. Block off time on your calendar. (Schedule time on your calendar for special projects. Do your alone zone as recommended by Jason Freed and Heinemeier Hansson in their book Rework. Have a commitment for yourself.)

  2. Isolate yourself in a quiet place. (Eliminate distractions as much as you can. Don’t let yourself be interrupted unless it’s an emergency.)

  3. Turn the room temperature down. (Warm rooms get someone sleepy and lose their edge. Lower down the temperature to stay alert and awake.)

  4. Get comfortable. (Dress comfortably to get a lot of things done. Get yourself comfortable so your surroundings will not be a distraction.)

  5. Take email and social media software offline. (Shut down your email and social media software so you won’t get distracted.)

  6. Put on music that helps facilitate concentration. (Certain music helps us concentrate. Listening to music can become a powerful ritual. It can make someone productive.)

  7. Have something on hand to drink. (Relevant studies show that caffeine can have a positive effect on mental focus so as long as you consume it in moderation. During the day, hydration will improve your brain functioning. Some preferred water.)

  8. Avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates. (High glycemic carbohydrates make someone sleepy. Be smart about what you take in your body. These are the chemicals that fuel your brain. You have to be intelligent and intentional about what you take in.)

  9. Set mini-goals. (Focus on one project and get it done. Break big projects into small goals. Break everything down into task you can complete )

  10. Set a timer and take predetermined breaks.  (Determine in advance how much time you can work on a task and go for it. Try using Focus Time app, which allows someone to work and stay focus.)

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“In a world of distraction and competing demands, mental focus is a scarce commodity. In fact, I would suggest it’s your single-most important productivity tool.” – Michael Hyatt

Additional tips:

“Your life is a gift. Now go make it count!” – Michael Hyatt


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