The Lifestyle Business Podcast: #159 A Philosophical Conversation: Gettin’ Paid vs. Makin’ Bank

After a week of gleaning through podcast episodes, this is the best episode based on its takeaways.

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Lifestyle Business Podcast EP159:  – A Philosophical Conversation : Gettin’ Paid vs. Makin’ Bank


In this episode, Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen, hosts of Lifestyle Business Podcast, invite John Myers in the show as he talks about a must-hear topic for every entrepreneur.

john myers

These men talked about guidelines on how to spend every income of assets wisely while being able to focus on other things you value as an entrepreneur.  

The episode moves as John Myers shares how to go from just making a living to making a killing! 

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Three big sticking points in the community
    1.  Game Started
    2.  Hiring and Leading a Staff and Building a Team
    3.  Getting Beyond Operating a Business
  • Managing your income
  • Replacing and scaling your income scaling your income
  • Cultivating a professional table image (How Others Perceive You)
  • The table image concept 1.   Having a Lot of Conviction 2.   Having a Lot of Enthusiasm 3.   Having a Concrete Vision
  • Having a concrete vision for your business platform (knowing what to bring to the world)
  • Knowing what businesses and services are needed in the market place
  • Providing products and services to people who are those in top industries products and services
  • Building more meaningful business (thinking about better ideas)
  • Offering unique products and services
  • Focusing on the right target market (target audience)
  • The ways consumers operate their jobs
  • The opportunities that await successful businesses
  • Making more than a living making more money
  • An early based job and entering a business vs. making a killing
  • Scaling your efforts and building a team around you
  • Going for the extra mile tasks
  • Figuring out the things you think you deserve business thinking
  • Keeping the consumption mindset
  • Investing on education leads to making a killing income investing on education
  • Accepting the idea of change
  • Finding formative experiences from new things 
  • Hanging on to principles while changing its vehicles 
  • The “one bar thinking” and “palm positioning”
  • Building up tasks that will form a good long term control over your business
  • Panic mode vs. calm mindful execution 
  • Understanding the true definition of branding 
  • Reversing the engineer touch points 
  • Knowing how your business should look like!lets get creative


“People who are making the killing don’t peel cash until it counts!”


  • “It’s not just good enough to be on the right spot or network. It matters what people in that network think of you.”
  • “If you don’t like change, you’re irrelevant and even less.”
  • “If you want to become an entrepreneur, you have to get out of that job unless you are an apprentice.”
  • “A brand is built as an idea…something you stand for.”
  • “The speed and rate of change is inevitable.”



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