Internet Business Mastery (IBM 198 | 5 Critical Mistakes that Scare Customers Away)

In this episode, Jason and Jeremy were able to discuss five (5) critical mistakes that scare customers away.

Two (2) reasons why one needs to know the 5 critical mistakes were presented as follows:

  • Lower refund rate
  • Stand out from your competition.

critical mistakes

The episode’s highlight is regarding the five (5) critical mistakes, as discussed below:

  1. Forgetting what you know that you know. (Avoid the curse of knowledge. Don’t assume that the customers know the same thing. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Things that customers need to overcome are most of the time forgotten. Risk the same way that they do.)
    1. Remembering that you already know what they know.
    2. Not talking about the mindset stuff. (forgetting and just teaching mechanics)
  2. Skipping steps in the process. (This applies to your paid content. Do the service step by step. Exemption on people who are more advanced can have techniques or skills be taught immediately. Make sure you made clear prerequisites before skipping steps.)
  3. Delivering too much value. (Don’t overwhelm customers with too much value of your product or service. Such ordeal might cause a refund. Value is in quality of content. Be conscious of that. Do the quality and not quantity.)
  4. Teaching things too early. (Don’t waste time teaching things they don’t need right now. Make sure what you are teaching is just in time with them. This is related to doing things step by step.)
  5. Not actively filtering information. (Know what you are talking about and be able to make customers grasps it. Make sure customers need to know the information you are providing for the promised result.)
    1. Not giving customers the answer.

These things as discussed in this episode once avoided will make customers happier. Be a guide to your audience or customers. Make sure you don’t miss one mistake. Concrete examples are also provided in this episode during the discussion of the five (5) critical mistakes.



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