Internet Business Mastery EP202: Internet Alchemy the Secret to Making Money Online

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Internet Business Mastery EP202
                         Internet Alchemy, the Secret to Making Money Onlineinternet business mastery

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery Podcast, hosts Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden talked about how someone who’s just starting in entrepreneurship can choose the niche that best suites their lifestyle – a niche that’s not only profitable but provides freedom, fulfillment, and future motivations for every entrepreneur.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Choosing the niche that best suits you
  • 3 Troubling Traps that keep entrepreneurs from choosing the right business niche and building a successful business trap with chains
    1. De-Motivational trap
    2. Flash in the Pan trap
    3. Failure to Launch trap
  • Money as an insufficient motivator
  • Work hard, earn less routine
  •  How entrepreneurs can avoid the traps that keep them from their niche
  • The first step in changing or improving how people operateIdentify critical behaviors that lead to the desired result.
  • The Key Critical Behaviors successful entrepreneurs use to avoid the troubling traps
  • The Freedom Business Blueprintfinancial freedom
  • How to create a business that makes money
  • Jeremy and Jason define Financial Freedom 
  • Jeremy and Jason’s course on making money online
  • interet alchemy experiment bottleThe meaning of Alchemytransforming something common into something special  
  • How to become a business alchemist
  • A few stories from Internet Alchemy students on making money online
  • The meaning of Business an organization that takes common things (knowledge and skills), creates value, and sells that value for money.
  •  Create Value! “People will always pay for things they value most.”
  • Two kinds of value sad
    1. Solution to an urgent pain
    2. Dissatisfaction of an unfulfilled desire
  • Stories of people fulfilling their unfulfilled desires
  • Learning to identify the pains around you
  • IBM Quick Tip for the episode: Check out
  • Demonstrating your productShow how it’s done!
    “A demonstration of your product is an awesome way to sell your product.”



“When you learn how to create value that people will readily pay for, you’re truly financially free. Then, you can produce income at a moment’s notice and build a business that lasts.”

Additional Tips:

  • Turn your failure and experiences to money.
  • ”You can get all the value in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

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