Internet Business Mastery: Branding Case Study ( Attracting and Keeping Site Visitors)

IBM  In this episode, Internet Business Mastery host, Jason Van Orden, talked about a new branding case study.

Jason shared specific tips on how to connect quickly with site visitors, keep them coming back to your site, help them learn more, and connect with you more often so you could have a greater impact in their lives, and of course, be able to generate more income.

The episode moved as Jason taljason van ordenked about the experiences he learned from a very interesting blog. Jason was able to come up with specific tips on how this blog was able to connect with him so powerfully plus the impact of quality branding. By sharing what he learned, Jeff’s goal is to help you apply these techniques and start increasing your connection with your site visitors.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Jason’s experience in moving to France
  • The “How to get a haircut in France” experience that lead Jeff in finding how to blog
  • Having a solid content marketing strategy to connect quickly with your audience
  • Jason’s Tips from what he learned in the 7 Steps in Your New Life in France
    and how it can attract and keep site visitors :
  1. Empathize with your audience.
  2. Write as if you’re reading their mind.
  3. Create a featured content.
  4. Show that you know your audience.
  5. Have a compelling opt-in incentive title.
  6. Have a really great “about page.”



 “Empathy is the most important word in marketing.”


Additional Tips:

  • The “about page” of your site should not really be about you but your audience.
  • Talk about the reader and what they want.


  • 7 Steps in Your New Life in France


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