Internet Business Mastery (BOOKChat: Zag by Marty Neumeier)

In this episode, Jeremy and Jason talked about a book entitled Zag written by Marty Neumeier.

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The book Zag is all about how to create a brand that is truly different than the Competition and how to make competition irrelevant. This book should be read by anyone starting a brand in a really competitive niche or anyone who has a successful brand.

The reasons, why this book is to be read are the following:

  • To start innovating again
  • Value Creation
  • Using a Podcast.

One of the checkpoints discussed is “what trend are you going to write” (focus on mobile technology as an example). Another checkpoint is “unique value proposition” (onlyness).

Likes in the book:

  • It has a 17-pt checklist

Dislikes in the book:

  • Some questions are a bit vague
  • Need more examples (stories)
  • Need a summary of the checklist

 The primary takeaways of this episode where:

  • Get the Book

  • Read the Book

  • Sit down and go through the 17-pt checklist, create a document or find a map.

  • Refer back to this document regularly to guide your strategy.

  • Revisit the seventeen points at least yearly.


Get the Book ZAG

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