International Events, Pinterest Marketing, and Making Mobile-Friendly Websites

by Hutch
Welcome to the FIRST installment for  Utilizing my time of driving in my truck from place to place, I glean for you the best takeaways from the podcast(s) I have recently enjoyed.


Today, I listened to three podcasts.  The first one was Episode #153 of the Lifestyle Business Podcast with Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen.  Let me say that I knew I would be picking out podcasts today, but I had no idea that first one I listened to would be such a top quality episode.  They just got done hosting an event in Berlin where they had the pleasure of listening to people speak that they personally wanted to learn from their expertise.


Dan and Ian mentioned the event and how speakers continued to come back to teachings of Sam Carpenter from his book, Work The System.  I  remember being exposed to this book originally though one of Chris Ducker’s podcasts  (  I read it, and plan on reading it again soon.  If you want to find out more about it directly from the source, go to


The ten speakers mentioned from the event in Berlin were:



This podcast was filled with many nuggets that can be used to find areas where you can increase your internet business knowledge.




The second podcast was the Social Media Marketing podcast with Michael Stelzner, Pinterest: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site With Pinterest.  Michael interviewed Melanie Duncan where she discussed techniques she uses along with one’s she has come across in building her business using this platform.  I came away with two primary takeaways from this episode.


1.  Create a Pinterest business page
2.  Stand apart from others by creating your own content as opposed to re-pinning all the time.


The last podcast was the third AUDIOblog by Internet Business Mastery, 3 Easy Steps to Become Mobile friendly.  Greg Hickman mentions the importance of making your website mobile-friendly, and mentions “how to” key tips for doing so.  The three to-do items (along with techniques) mentioned are:


1. Create a mobile-friendly website
2. Send mobile-friendly email
3. Send traffic to mobile-optimized landing pages.

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    • Yes, definitely check it out. I stopped by
      The procedures Carpenter mentions in his book would definitely enhance the work you have already done.

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