IBM EP:216 A New Trend in Online Income that will Grow Your Business, an Interview with Jim Hopkinson

internet business mastery   In this episode, Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen of Internet Business Mastery interviewed Jim Hopkinson.

Jim Hopkinson

Jim is a successful solo entrepreneur whose niche is salary negotiation, which he learned from various start-ups and working for major brands like Wired. Jim’s great achievements in the realm of business have influenced and helped other entrepreneurs in their path as he shares all his experiences and learning online.

The episode moved as Jim talked about an untapped way to create an online income stream and a simple way to launch your first course!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Simple ways to validate your ideas that will work for you:
    -  Put up a website; see if you’ll create traffic.
    -  Write eBooks and see if you can sell them.
    -  Do one-on-one consulting.
    build a websiteebookreadingcoaching (texts)
  • Put up online courses.
  • Teach academic and skills courses online.
    target skills
  • Self-host an online course on your existing website using Word Press plug-ins.
  • 3 things people need to keep in mind before deciding which platform to use:
    1. Marketing
    2. Tech Support
    3. Revenue share
  • Steps to get to your first sale. recording online course live
    -  Create a basic power point presentation.
    -  Record a video.
    -  Set up an online task.
    -  Do more online speaking and consulting.
    -  Figure the structure of your course.
    -  Break it to free and paid courses.
    -  Make your course funny and engaging.
  • The 80/20 of production value to make your online course stand out!
  • Knowing the appropriate tools needed for your course.
  • The importance of having different platforms. social media platforms
  • The ideal people to use massive online platforms.
  • What’s next after having your platforms?


  • Getting an upload and approval process.
  • How to bring the market’s attention to your online course.
  • Creating a high quality course. udemy course jim hopkinson
  • Jim talked about his online course in Udemy  
    - The outcome in putting up a course in Udemy
    - Udemy’s email system



Make your online course available in different kinds of platforms to reach as many potential income generators as possible.


Additional Tips:

  • Be present in the process of putting up your course.
  • Promote each other’s online courses.



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