I Make Your Money Count EP35: Paula Pant Says “You Can Afford Anything”

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I Make Your Money Count Podcast hosted by Jim Munchbach is a weekly podcast about money, life, and relationships. The podcast is primarily dedicated for the students of finance at the University of Houston and for everyone who wants to learn more about personal finance.Paula Pant

Jim invited Paula Pant to be the guest for this episode. Paula Pant is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, financial consultant and the person behind AffordAnything.com. Paula is passionate about helping people grow their wealth and not just pennies.

The episode moved as Paula shares her principles around the idea that “You can’t afford everything but you can afford anything!”


This episode is about:

  • How Paula Pant viewed her future career while she was still in college
  • Paula Pant’s definition of Entrepreneurship: Anybody who wants to take risks in the interest of having a better life.
  • Paula Pant’s story of her first job after college as a Newspaper Reporter
  • The evolution of industries – The rise of new media Social medias
  • Paula talked about Financial Freedom 
    “Financial Freedom is having enough money from your investments to support your entire cost of living.”
  • Paula’s Investments coins aligned upward with leaf at the end
    - Designing a life that you would never have to work again.
  • Real Estate Investments
    “Your success or failure with a particular property happens before you buy it.”


  • Paula’s job description as a news reporter
  • The best story Paula has worked on as a news reporterPaula_Pant_on_MSNBC_Web
  • The skills that Paula learned from her job
    -  Developing sources
    -  Creating rapport
    -  Thinking one or two steps ahead
  • The importance of finding good mentors in your industry
  • Passing on the skills you learned
  • How to turn an idea into a compbooks on tableelling reading material
    1.   Be brief and concise.
    2.   Speak in present tense/active voice.
    3.   Be very specific with the details.


  • Paula talked about Fin Con

    Fin Con:  A show for financial bloggers conference; A collection of people who blog about personal finance; A collection of sharp minds who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, internet, and possibilities. 


  • Choosing your own path
    walk your path

    “The only person that can limit your possibilities if you’re healthy and capable is you!”
  • Paula’s next steps in her career
  • Paula Pant says, “You can’t afford everything but you can afford anything… Financial Freedom is the most awesome goal ever.” 



“Financial Freedom is having enough money from your investments to support your entire cost of living.”


Additional Tips:

  • Don’t be resistant to industry changes or to where the industry is going.
  • There’s no business that can run without any overhead.




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