Video Shots: How To Get Yourself Comfortable And Look Great On Camera (#11 YouTube Marketing with Tyrone Shum)

Tyrone Shum gives tips on how to be comfortable and look great on camera.  If being on camera is something you aspire to do, then this episode has great tips for YOU.

He points to three types of Personalities:

  1. Scared, Nervous and Timid
  2. Monotone and Boring
  3. Over the top or Excited

My takeaways for this episode were:

  • Look directly at the camera
  • Practice makes Perfect
  • Plan your topic before getting into the camera
  • Talk to your audience one-on-one.  (Most people watch videos by themselves nowadays)
  • Be passionate and real
  • Tell a story that that has impact on what you are sharing with your audience (IMPACT = Clarity + Brevity)


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