How To Start To Making Referrals To A Starving Hobo

by Hutch


Welcome to the third installment of  Utilizing my time of driving in my truck from place to place, I glean for you the best takeaways from the podcast(s) I have recently enjoyed.

Since my last post, I have listened to four new episodes.


I didn’t listen to as many podcasts this week, since I was at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp with Kent Julian.  Primarily this blog is about podcasts.  However, I met up with three different podcasters at this event.  Dan Miller with 48 Days made a presentation, and I met two new guys there, Jared Easley with Starve the Doubts, and David J Soler with Relationship Marketing.  Dan Miller’s presentation was golden.  It was as if I listened to all of the best nuggets from his podcast in one hour.  When I met Jared and David, we discussed what each other did, and they asked me if I would listen to their podcasts also.  So I am looking forward to sharing my takeaways with you from their latest episodes.


Tim Conley from the 144th episode of The Foolish Adventure interviewed Chris Kirkland of, a member of Tim’s mastermind group.  This podcast is a fascinating story about Chris’ journey of moving to Japan and starting a business online.  The book, The Four-Hour Work Week is mentioned as an inspiration to get going on this particular quest.

This is a podcast that left me interested in knowing more about Chris Kirkland.  I have made notes to do so.


It was a surprising EntreLeadership Podcast.  Chris LoCurto has been the host of the show since its inception, and this episode was hosted by Dave Ramsey.  It was discussed how Chris would be moving towards new ventures in life, and the reins of hosting the show would now be turned over to Chris Hogan.  I also look for to him hosting, because I have heard Chris on podcasts before, and I have been impressed with his story.

Dave interviewed Jon Acuff who recently put out a new book called, Start.  I admire Jon.  He seems to be moving forward very quickly while impacting the world around him.


As I mentioned earlier, I just met Jared Easley.  My first impression of him was his warm, magnetic personality.  At this time, he has published six episodes.  I have listened to the fifth one with Joy Groblebe.  She has a very interesting that displays how hard work and having the right connections can put you in the right position for job fulfillment and life enjoyment.

What I particularly like about this podcast, and am looking forward to listening to other episodes is due to Jared’s lineup.  He has somehow been able to start off his podcast journey with legitimate heavy hitters.  Jared, at this time I don’t know how you did it, but I am looking forward to becoming more informed.


As I met David J. Soler at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, I was impressed with his desire to help others in their business relationships.  Episode #008 introduces Rob Commodari.  If you are looking for ways to increase your referrals, then check this podcast out.  Rob goes through tips about building businesses by referrals.  Listen for the one unique referral building tip Rob utilizes by giving away wiper fluid.

This is a new podcast,  and I plan on listening to more episodes in order to listen to more strategies presented by David’s guests.


It is my desire that these “takeaways” serve you by helping you make better decisions with your time and the podcasts you are able to digest.  Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

In the next post, I will select one podcast as: Podcast Of The Week.  Stay Tuned!

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