How to get your spouse’s support for self-employment (Free Agent Underground Show with Kevin Miller)

This is a “Tag Team” episode where Teri and Kevin share their thoughts about how to get spouse’s support for self- employment.  They have experienced worst and best of their marriage life. It is encouraging to hear them be so open and candid about the way they have lived life.

If you are married, plan on getting married; and are considering self-employment, then listen to this one.

Here are the key items that they point out:

  • Marriages has many struggles specifically in pursuing self-employment
  • Talk often about work decisions with your spouse

The primary takeaways on this episode are about your vision together as married couple.

Question: What’s the purpose and value in pursuing the self-employment job?

Teri sights that there should be a constant communication between husband and wife so that both will know the hopes and dreams for each other than the purpose of what you are doing.

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