High Income Business Writing EP47: How to Use Public Speaking to Land B2B Writing Clients

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This is the 47th episode of the High Income Business Writing Podcast hosted by Ed Gandia. The podcast aims to help business writers and copy writers who want to take their writing businesses to the six figure level.

Ed interviewed his co-author of the book The Wealthy Freelancer, Steve Slaunwhite. Steve SlaunwhiteSteve is not just an author but an excellent speaker as well.

The episode moved as Steve shared Strategies in Using Public Speaking to help Promote your writing business.

Steve talked about the essence of this strategy; the biggest benefits it gave to his business; to whom the strategy is best suited for; the steps in using this strategy successfully; and where and how can you get started using this!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Prospecting clients is likely the same as assembling a portfolio
  • Strategies in investing
  • Figuring out the right mix for you
  • Steve’s story of public speakinsteve speakingg in a marketing event to talk about copy writing
  • The opportunities that opened up for Steve’s writing business after his public speaking
  • How Steve promotes his writing business
  • The advantages of public speaking in promoting your business 
    Speakers attract people.”
  • Overcoming the introvert nature of a writer – connect with people!
  • The magnet that speakers create with their audience 
    “When they see you are an expert on something, they would want to work with you.”shake hands
  • Likability equals Transparency
  • The Key to Speaking
    “Don’t try to be like everybody else. Be yourself!”
  • Who can use the public speaking strategy for their business?speaking


  • Speaking is a skill

    “Speaking is a great skill to have. You can use it in any profession and many different situations.”


  • Steps in using public speaking as a promotional strategy
    -  Take a look at your geographical area. Check the associations, events, and meetings that surround you.
    –  Start in smaller groups before going to huge conferences.
    –  Check for events with panels.
    –  Take the opportunities, even local chambers.panel group
  • Speak anyway! Mess up small, Learn as you grow!
  • Handling objection from a conference that doesn’t need the expertise you offer
  • How to present your expertise when applying to speak in a conference Presenting-Intro-Image 3D-Man-
  • Tim’s technique to get the public speaker spot
  • The backup panelist strategy
  • Buying your way in a conference
  • Developing and positioning your presentation ideas
  • Avenues to cultivate your public speaking skills

public speaking 2d 3d

  • Rehearse and be yourself!
  • Be clear and short in your topics 
  • Start small, start local, just see where it takes you!





“Public speaking is an extremely good way to get yourself known almost instantly to a room full of potential clients.”


Additional Tips:

  • Clients will hire you as their writer when they get to know you.
  • Even a shy and introvert person can connect with people and speak in public.
  • You won’t know until you try.
  • Don’t worry about where you’ll speak.


  • Toastmasters –self-help organization for those who want to build their speaking skills.



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