Foolish Adventure Show: (FA157 How to Break Free of Your Comfort Zone to Supercharge Your Business)

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Foolish Adventure Show: How to Break Free of Your Comfort Zone to Supercharge Your Business!


In this episode, host Tim Conley of Foolish Adventure Show, with guest co-host Lain Ehmann, tackled  a very powerful topic that led their lives into a great success.

Lain Ehmann

Tim and Lain talked about how people can move out of their comfort zones while still doing the things they’re already good at.  Learn how these two ideas contradict and agree at the same time.

“Just like as a butterfly comes out of its cocoon, it’s not easy, but is worth it. The next thing you know you’re already flying towards your success in life!”

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Business and life advice are contradictory
  • Choosing an area that is common to you
  • Finding the things you like to do—being knowledgeable in turning it as a business and making it work profitably! 
  • Making money where you’re already making money
  • Doing what you want most despite the risk of failing falling on cliff hapily
  • Being an entrepreneur whose success is driven by passion
  • Knowing where our comfort zones start and how it works for our benefit
    “If you’re not dreaming about your business, you’re probably in the wrong one.”dreaming of your business
  • The process of how to be a successful company
  • Figuring out your contributions in your business
  • Overcoming resistance is a key to succeed!  
    overcoming resistance“Everybody who is doing something that they really care about will feel resistance.” 
  • Expanding your comfort zone until the uncomfortable becomes comfortable
  • Success after all the failures is all that counts
    “We don’t need guaranteed immediate success—success is a process”
  • Is it a yes or a no to bring in somebody else who is skilled in your business? business_partners
  • Understanding the critical elements necessary for the business stability
  • Not allowing people to be a black box. Know what a black box does
  • Disadvantages of unwillingness to learn and being hands-off in outsourcing
  • An entrepreneur  is SOMEONE WHO:
    -     is willing to work
    –     loves his market and not just the money; and
    –     loves the process in getting to that success!
  • Balancing your part in the business work-balance-life-balance -    The areas where you are contributing unique value; and
    –    The areas of opportunities whereas you’re learning to stretch yourself
  • Being certain that your business is: 
    -    something that you really want;
    –    you are excited to live with; and
    –    it supports your lifestyle
  • Know how crucial getting out of our comfort zone is
  • Being the person who does what your competitors are unwilling to do
  • Discomfort comes from fear, which is not a reality otherwise
  • Complacency and laziness vs. being satisfied with your business
    “If you really want to do something, laziness doesn’t happen.”  Lazy-Cat-1280x1024
  • The importance of having a clear vision for your company and knowing it by heart 
  • clear visionBetter business people are always intentional in all that they do!


“IN BUSINESS, the more that you go out and try to serve the market with the best of your ability, the more that you’ll build necessary skills and experiences that lead you into becoming successful.”

“We don’t need to tackle every mountain. We should prioritize based on what’s going to allow us to become better business people in the sense of understanding what’s going on with our business.”


  • “There really isn’t one solution for anything. There are multiple solutions.“
  • “To grow as a business, you have to grow as a person.”
  • “You have to jump and be willing to fall.”
  • “You cannot stay inside your box and expect things to grow.”
  • “Human beings naturally resist change.”
  • “You may fail a few times with the businesses that you bring out.”
  • “Laziness only happens when you’re not excited about what you’re doing”


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