Lifestyle Business Podcast EP130: How to be a Happy Sociopath?

lifestylebusiness   In this episode, Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen of the Lifestyle Business Podcast talked about how an entrepreneur can be a one HAPPY SOCIOPATH despite of all the business and challenges he has to face in pursuing his career.


This episode moves as Dan and Ian explained the relationships between sociopaths, the clueless, and the losers. They also talked about how a happy sociopath deals with time, money, and relationships management. 

Are there really clueless, losers, and sociopaths in the business? Learn from this episode and find out who they are!

Here’s what you will learn in this episode:  

  • The Company Hierarchy
     company-heirarchy-300x286 copy





Top: Sociopaths (Entrepreneurs)
Middle: Clueless
Bottom: Loser (The people that are being manipulated)

  • The CLUELESS person would say… “Everything happens for a reason.”
  • The LOSERS would say… “Why aren’t good reasons working out for me?” …“Screw those reasons!”
  • The SOCIOPATH would say…“What’s the reason why this is happening and how can I manipulate those things?” ….“How do I make sure those factors play to my benefit?”
  • Clinical definition of sociopath - In terms of business, being a sociopath is having the ability to disconnect from the emotions that trigger you.
  • Strategically disconnecting on unimportant things 


  • How clueless people and losers think of time management -  These people allow their time to be defined by organizations
  • How a sociopath responds to situations
  • The sociopath knows what contributes to their ultimate outcome 
  • Clueless people immediately subscribe to the objectives of organizations
  • Losers jump into joining stuff they haven’t much examined 
  • The sociopath entrepreneur? 
    -  They define their time usage to create their own ideal outcome
  • Tim Ferriss 
    -   How he writes a book
    -   Tim meets his friends only once a week
    -   During his writing phase, Tim is 100% hidden inside of his writing whole
  • Ian’s life examples on how he earns his own time 
  • How Steve Jobs saved his time and energy to get more things done
  • The question we should be curious about 


  • Loser’s finances are controlled by people outside Ex: Being in a credit card debt
  • Clueless people subscribe in institutions that eventually drain his money
    -  This type of people believes that institutions are going to save them
    -  Clueless people look for trusted societal mechanism that will make them wealthy
  • The sociopaths know that others are also run by sociopaths 


  1. Cut all unnecessary spending (including cable).
  2. Get most the aggressive amount on what you can pay every month.
  3. Pay your creditors every beginning of the month instead of at the end of the month “The biggest thing that you’re spending in your cable is not your money but your time.

RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT business relationships

  • How a happy sociopath grows relationships 
  • Losers can consistently be disengaged socially or roped into dramatic situations 
  • What happens when non-sociopaths when they are threatened  “When someone threatens you, your reality is 100% defined by that.”
  • Sociopaths decide what role they will play when faced with threats or criticisms 
  • Conditioning your soul… “You decide which emotions you allow yourself to have.” 
    - Emotions condition us and make us become who we are.
  • Sociopaths do not allow inaccurate and none useful feelings
  • How a sociopath decide and control his emotions 
  • Choosing the emotions that will make you happier 
  • A sociopath knows when not to participate 


“Nobody is a real loser or clueless”… “You could just be personality types or traits number 1, 2, 3.”



  • “As entrepreneurs, our role is to manipulate reality” …“If you want to live like nobody else, live like nobody else.”
  • “If you let yourself get freaked out every single time someone threatens you, then you’re going to be a slave to that.” 


  • Evernote  - a suite of software and services designed for note taking and archiving.


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