Design Draw Speak EP3: The Meaning of Your Message And Its Effect

After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

Design Draw Speak EP3: The Meaning of Your Message and Its Effect

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In this episode, Design Draw Speak host Cristina Canters gladly welcomed her very first guest in the show. He is no other than Dr. Steve Carey.Dr. Steve Carey Director of Academy of Hypnotic Science

Steve is a communications expert. He is the director of studies at the Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne.  He also helps students become better communicators. Steve says that communications and presentations are skills that can be learned.

The episode moved as Steve talked about how important your message is, its meaning to your listeners, and its impact on them.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

Story of the week:  Tom’s story – the ex-interior design student 
Challenge of the week:
  How to make people like you more?

  • Steve talked about his story on how he became a hypno-therapist.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programmingbrain
  • Steve defines what a hypno-therapist does.
  • Focus as key to increase awareness
  • How the subconscious mind work with our attention
  • Replacing old mindsets with positive mindsets
  • Getting aware with our unnoticeable negative self-talks
  • Theory of the Tragedy of Human Conditions – we compare our insides with other people’s outside
  • Identifying inner confidence
  • The two most important thing in communication two men talking silouette
    1. Educate each other all the time.
    2.The meaning of the message is the effect that it has.
  • The two things about writing
    1. Include what’s necessary.
    2. Leave everything else out.
  • The reason behind misunderstandings
  • Taking responsibility in the quality of our own education
  • Investing in preparation and rehearsal
  • The importance of clarity in what you want to achieve grandma wacky
  • Presenting to people who aren’t initially knowledgeable of your topic - like talking to grandma! 
  • The value of clarity in communication
  • Steve explains “Rapport” and its importance
  • Empathy and sociability
  • Building rapport as a skill gestures
  • The significance of body language in communication
  • Miring and matching gestures
  • Top three biggest mistakes in presentations
    1. Reading from notes – looking down rather than speaking

    2. Not smiling – “When you smile, the whole world smiles with you”
    3. Improper posture – shows that you’re uncomfortable
  • The benefits of having a positive body language



“The meaning of your message is the effect that is has.”


Additional Tip:

  • Two heads are better than one.




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