DESIGN DRAW SPEAK: EP2 (Take Them On A Journey: How To Be A Kick-Ass Tour Guide!)

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Christina Canters is the host of Design Draw Speak – a show dedicated to help people enhance their communication and presentation skills. Christina aims to guide everyone to be confident and creative communicators. We all know that communication is a vital tool in every growing industry – and we are just about to learn the blueprint of it! Christina Canters

In this episode, Christina gave guides on how to take your audience into a journey by making your presentations a whole lot engaging and remembering!




Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Christina’s story when she went on a journey with a blind foldblind fold journey
  • Your presentation is the journey where your audience goes along for a ride! 
    -  Journey: the presentation
    -  Passengers: your audience
    -  Man in the driver’s seat: YOU
  • journey to the worldHow to make your audience pay attention
    “You want to make them feel relatively comfortable.”


Four ways to become a kick-ass tour guide!

1.   Know where you’re going.
“It’s very important that you know where you’re going and how to get there, otherwise you and your audience will get lost and they will stop paying attention.” Tour-guide-Malcolm-Metcal-001

-  Tell them where you’re going. (What’s the end result? Is it a work in progress?)
-  Talk about your design process of the end result.
-  Show your audience the destination of your presentation.
-   Tell them what you need to tell them.

2.   Timing

-          Tell the audience how long you’ll take.
time clock


3.   Don’t leave your audience stranded
“Make them feel you’re there. Don’t run away from your audience.” 

stranded in an island

-   Bring your audience along with you.
-   Keep up with your audience by not throwing too much information.
-   Check if you have not lost anyone.
-   Gauge if people are still with you.




4.   Add some surprises to your journey.
“Make your journey a bit fun and exciting!


-  Add random facts to your presentation – but not too much.

  •  Christina’s challenge for the week: Practice giving clear time indications.
    -   Make sure you stick with the time indicators.
    ( Ex: Do you have 5 mins. to do this? Can we chat for just 10 mins.?) 


“Do what you say you’ll do and they’ll most likely give you their time next time.”




“Your presentation is a journey where you want to take your audience for a great ride!”



  • Nail on working with just one task at a time and keep working on it until you got it all right.
  • Add sign posts in your presentation to show the audience where you’re at.
  • Set expectations: Inform your audience about the time frame of your presentation.



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