David J Soler –Finding Hidden Referrals

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

David J Soler –Finding Hidden Referrals

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In this episode of Relationship Marketing and Sales Podcast, host David J. Soler talked about How to Find Hidden Referrals.

David shared good strategies on how to grow referrals for your business. The main key in making this happen is through building good relationships with other business people or companies and serve them by giving the best gift they would want to receive- Referrals!

The principles David tackled in this episode boils down into helping others get their referrals and become fruitful in receiving yours as well!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The importance of knowing what you value most in your business
  • The best gift you can give in business –give someone a referral! referal
    “In the past week, how many people have you referred to other people.”
  • Be intentional in giving others a referral
  • The essence of helping one another in business leads to reaping more referrals


Steps on How to Find Hidden Referrals

  1. Identify the people you do business with people network
  1. Write the names of the people that you refer and want to refer
  1. Ask yourself: Is your network aware of your business and how you’re doing it?
  1. Communicate to your network the value you’re giving and allow them to learn more about you communicating smiley balls
  1. Establish relationships with business people that you trust, interests you and do business with Establish relationships with business people that you currently like, trust and do business with
  1. Map your plan on how to stay connected with your business partners
  1. Keep your business partners updated whenever you refer them Beautiful Businesswoman on a Cellphone in an Office Lobby

How to communicate your intent of partnership and referrals to other people

  • How to communicate your intent of partnership and referrals to other people
  • Why want referrals?
    - Receiving referrals from trusted, experienced and knowledgeable sources eliminates the time consumed in research
  • Ask people and your business partners: Who else do you know that needs the value of our service? Ask people and your business partners
  • Help and serve others by sharing value and services Help and serve others by sharing value and services







Help and serve other businesses by nurturing your relationships with them and refer them to other people. This is how you will help one another grow in your networks and become fruitful in your referrals!


Additional Tips:

  • Most people don’t want to do all the research. We want to find somebody who already did the research.
  • Whoever you are giving work to, you become a referral to them -which is very valuable for them.
  • You don’t need to be pushy, but always let your network know about your business


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