Cash Car Convert EP001 –Introduction to Cash Car Convert

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“This is the podcast where cash cars are cool and auto-debt is dangerous to your financial future.”

This was the very first episode Cash Car Convert Podcast hosted by James Kinson. James is the cash car convert who mission is to help and lead people to learn get the benefits of buying cashed cars. james kinson 

In this episode, James presented an introduction of what the show is about, who are the benefactors, and how it could add value to every listener.


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

Who is James Kinson?

  • James purchased his first car in cash
  • James’ exposure to high-income people who used credit in buying cars
  • James as a “used-car” buyerJames-with-Trans-Am-4-26-79

How James became a cash car convert

  • James lifestyle of buying and selling cars
  • James felt that at the end of the day, “it was just another car”
  • James story of being in $70,000 credit card debt


James turning point in his financial perspectives The Total Money Make Over

  • When James learned from David Ramsey’s The Total Money Make Over
  • David Ramsey’s advice: “sell the car, buy a beater”
  • James’ passion in helping people buy cars under $5,000
  • When James considered writing a book

What lead James to start his own podcast?

  • James’ got exposed on listening to podcast more often than reading blog postspodcast mike and headphones
  • James started to meet podcasters, got mentored and became inspired to create his own podcast



What to expect from Cash Car Convert Podcastcash car convert box banner

  • James’ share of experiences and life education as a cash car convert
  • James’ tips and how-to’s in buying cash cars
  • Get resources about cars and learn how to utilize them
  • Learn how to buy a better car or a “beater” that’s inexpensive but in a good condition
  • Be inspired from success stories of real people
  • Learn from a “debt-free” success principle



If you can become a cash car convert and kick all the debt on the curve, it’s the one of the best decisions that can change your life.


Additional Tips:

  • If you want to spend less for a car, the more that you have to research.
  • You can start a business when your debt free.




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