Blogcast FM: WDS 2013 Recap, Non-Attachment Accelerated Learning


This podcast episode was first heard on BlogCast FM Backstage in 2013 and was hosted by Srinivas Rao and Greg Hartle. Their podcast show had a remarkable transformation and is now known as the Unmistakable Creative Podcast. Check out their incredibly creative site!

unmistakble creative

In this episode, Srini and Greg talked about a timeless topic for this generation. Something that we somehow really need to learn, and that is - Non-Attachment! 

Learn as the episode moved into discussing significant mindsets that a person needs to develop to attain success in business and life!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Living in a World of Diminishing Permanence
    -   Learning how to manage change
    change“We’re living in a world of diminishing permanence. It is important to have a practice of non-attachmentThe world is constantly changing.”



  • Spiritual Practice of Non-Attachmentdisconnect
    The ability to disconnect on things”
    -   Practice non-attachment.
    -   Letting go of things you think you need.
    -   Letting go of emotional attachment.
  • Balancing positive and negative events in life 
    -   Training yourself how to handle the good times to be prepared when time of pressure comes.thumbs up and thumbs down
  • Daily practices during the “Up-times” in preparation for the “Down-timesCreate something new everyday!”


  • Self assessment
    -   Ask yourself: 
    “What did you possibly accomplish in your life now?”
    “What have you not possibly done so far?”one-to-one-advertising-conversation

  • The value of practicing intimate conversation 
    -  Get in depth with somebody.
    -  Be open to one-on-one conversation with other people.
  • Do as much experimentation as possible -Take riskexperiment
    -   Hypothesis, experimentation, and simulation
    “Small ideas matter so much
    This will lead to improving how you do it better, than when you started.”
  • Developing your own perspective different egg
    “Being different is the starting place.”

    -   Most people don’t develop their own perspective.
    -   Mimicking will not work in today’s world.
    -   Start developing your own perspective on your business.
  • The advantages of negative situations in starting up a successful business
    -  Know what bothers you.
  • The concept of Accelerated Learning and right expectations
    “Let go of the idea that you’ll know how people will respond. Instead, create what you think you want to create and start with a thesis!” accelerate
  • Quit, move forward, and get ready for acceleration! 



We are living in world of so much noise. There are many things available in our time today that grab our attention. And the only way for an individual to stand out is when he becomes uniquely different from the rest! 

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t just be better, be different!



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