Blog Marketing Academy (When is the Right Time to Ask for Sale?)

One of the podcasts I have listened today is the Blog Marketing Academy (When is the Right Time to Ask for Sale?)


In this episode, David Risley talks about when is the right time to monetize or ask for money in building blogs or online business.


David had emphasized in the initial part of the episode that the willingness to ask for sale is known to be the one of the biggest obstacles in helping people generate revenue from their blogging. He also stressed the following dilemmas of traditional bloggers in their fear for asking money:

  • Focusing on building audience and monetize later
  • Building up relationships, connections or engagement
  • Building up the traffic so that someday, he can monetize

As part of his discussion, David had also presented that he disagrees with blog experts’ focus on traffic and audience before trying to make money.  This is because according to him, “If revenue is one of your goals, then you need to cross that line early. You need to begin asking for money.”

Such attitude of making excuses not to ask money, in his discussion, is said to be delay tactics cleverly phrased to sound reasonable. In addition to this, he had explained two main reasons why bloggers should start early in monetizing. The reasons are as follows:

  • To set proper expectations with your audience.
  • To help you get comfortable with it.

In the climax or highlights of his discussion, he explained that CONTENT MARKETING should be the best way to do monetizing. This will help provide awesome content and lead readers to solutions they need in reading your blog.

“And those best readers and fans of your blog are the ones who pay you. They can be considered your CUSTOMERS.” -David Risley


“The right time to ask for the sale is NOW. And, by not doing it, you’re screwing yourself – and your readers.” – David Risley

2 thoughts on “Blog Marketing Academy (When is the Right Time to Ask for Sale?)

  1. Great content. I like your takeaway about the time for a sale is “NOW”. It seems that now is often shoved aside for the ever elusive later. The time for action becomes as unattainable as touching the horizon. So forget the horizon, and go for where you’re standing. Now is the best time for action.
    This idea popped so much that highlighted this on my podcast, Doubt the Doubts episode 47 ( Thanks for the great content.

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