Podcast of the Month: June 2013 (STARVE 009)

There are times when decisions come naturally, and there are times when you really need to look at a decision from multiple angles.

I had three finalists for the podcast of the month.  My only intention last month was that I would spend extra time listening to newer shows.  Little did I know that later on, these newer shows would become my podcasts of the week.

The runners-up were David J. Soler and Amy Porterfield’s shows.  I need to clarify why they are being placed in this position.  I am a student of the Internet Business Mastery Academy.  One of the learning techniques that they teach is just-in-time learning.  These two podcasts are one’s I will archive when I plan on using the information they provided.  David and Amy, great job with your shows!  I look forward to listening to more of what you put out on your podcasts.

The Podcast of the Month Winner is:

STARVE009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking

Starve The Doubts

Jared Easley put together a great interview with Ryan Avery.

When I listened to the show again, I became more impressed with this episode.  Ryan Avery talks about using positive pressure to achieve your goals.  It makes me think about how often people are affected by peer pressure.  If we have the right peers, then that pressure can be directed in the right ways.

This is definitely an episode worthy of the podcast of the month.  Please add any comments below.




Podcast Episode of the Week Winner 007 (014- Creating, Promoting and Profiting from your Own Online Course)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways.  The primary goal of PodcastTakeAways.com is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you cherry-pick the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:


In this episode, Soler was able to have a conversation with David Siteman Garland, from The Rise To The Top. The conversation was able to discuss the topic on building audience and how to create an online course that the audience will be able to pay for.



Create your course before you write your book!


Since Garland is famous for building an audience of 250,000 views monthly to his show in less than 5 years. Soler wishes to share and find ways to see how he has done this.

  • The following are the questions asked to Garland during the conversation:
  • Now, once you have an audience or platform, how can you make money?
  • How can you serve your clients and still make a living?
  • What’s better, an online course or a book? (Garland explains in this episode and he has both, a bestselling book and a great and profitable online course)
  • Based on Garland’s experience, what will set you up for long term success?
  • How to build relationships with other niche celebrities and influencers. (Garland stress out that interview can be able to build a relation to other people.)
  • How can you best generate revenue from your audience? (Garland discussed that anyone can do a specific product or service, like create an online course to generate revenue.)
  • How to know what your audience will want and pay for.
  • What took Garland 2-3 years to figure out and it launched his financial success? He shared this on this episode.(To figure out one’s niche, start to pay attention, experiment, do the how to’s)

The highlight of this episode is the Top 3 Ways in building an audience. And these are the following:

  • Have a consistent posting schedule (once a week, on a day on eight(8) months)
  • Interview people, mention people, or linking out to people (giving love to people)
  • Designing or Branding matter immensely (to increase credibility)

Given the informative and substantial ideas presented by Garland in this episode, anyone who’ll be able to implement such ideas can take themselves in whatever platform they have to the next level.



Try to keep going to prosper

Things are not always what we hoped for.




Podcast Episode of the Week Winner 006 (STARVE009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways.  The primary goal of PodcastTakeAways.com is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you “cherry-pick” the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:

STARVE009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking


Let me first start by mentioning how I have become especially interested in the development of Starve the Doubts by Jared Easley.  The episode of the week had to be from his podcast, because I decided to begin listening to every podcast that he has done. It’s the only podcast that I have listened to!  Starve the Doubts is littered with people I listen to frequently on podcasts.  Jared has made great connections with these people, and has gotten them on his fledgling show.  I am very impressed with the way that he has started his podcast in such a strong way.  Currently, Starve the Doubts is listed in the Top 100 business podcasts.  I am amazed.

Back to STARVE009:

I want to meet Ryan Avery.  How can you not be inspired by a story of someone who decided he was going to accomplish a big goal.  So he went after it and succeeded.  Ryan decided he wanted to win the title of The World Champion of Public Speaking in Toastmasters.  He set his mind on the task, and made it happen.  In this episode, he explains what he did to prepare him for the BIG Moment.

Watch his presentation here

Ryan talks about a quote attributed to Oprah that I had not heard before:

“You become who you believe you are”

That’s a good one to consider often.

As you check out this episode, look at some of the others at starvethedoubts.com.  Jared Easley is starting strong, and I look forward to seeing him continue.

Podcast Episode of the Week Winner 005 (Who are Your Trusted Advisors Episode 056)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways.  The primary goal of PodcastTakeAways.com is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you “cherry-pick” the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:

Who Are Your Trusted Advisors Episode 56

Michael Hyatt


“We all want to be successful. But when it comes to success, your advisors can make you or break you.” -Michael Hyatt


This episode emphasizes the fact that every decision we make in our lives may be guided by people who we can call as our advisors. These decisions may be either made successfully or a failure depending on who are our advisors.  This is because advisors help you maximize the opportunities that may come your way and be able to avoid the biggest mistakes you will inevitably encounter.

And what is really catchy about this episode is the fact that Michael had once experienced failure in choosing the right advisor to have. This ordeal had cost him a great deal but was able to help him learn four hard but important lessons.

  1. You can’t succeed alone.
  2. You need trusted advisors.
  3. You need multiple advisors.
  4. You need qualified advisors.

Michael also stressed out in his website that we need to, “Think of your advisors as your “personal board of directors.” They will give you the accountability and insight necessary to avoid a lot of pain and achieve more than you could on your own.


Additional Quotes:

“Always remember to build a relationship with your chosen advisors.”

“Respect your advisor’s time.”

“Go with advisors who are both well-rounded and expert on their own jargon.”

“Look on your chosen advisor’s track record or references to know if they can be trusted.”

“Immerse yourself into literature, podcasts or conferences to find trusted advisors you will be able to have in your life.”


Podcast Of The Month: May 2013 (The Lifestyle Business Podcast, Episode 153)

After going through the Podcast of Week Winners for the Month of May, it has been exciting to pick my winner for the month.  I picked the LBP #153 due to the vast amount of content provided in this episode.  Dan and Ian inspired me to find out more about each individual that they mentioned in this episode.  I admit that I might be a little biased since it was the first winner.  But right now, I am the person who picks.  I might change it to a panel of people later if that is the feedback I receive.

Of course the runners-up with their great podcasts were:

Please leave comments regarding what you would like to see podcasttakeaways.com offer.   It is our desire to serve you by providing suggestions for the best podcast episodes to digest.  At this time, the podcasts reviewed lean to more of a business focus.  We hope to branch out into other genres at a later date!

Entreleadership: Work With Passion (Fred Sanborn of the book, Fred 2.0)

In this episode Dave Ramsey teaches about two important ingredients necessary for successful marketing:


They use the word passion which means that in marketing you should have the passion and love of the business that you are into.  Learning the process that will help you grow in the marketing industry and somehow have a good activity behind it.  If you have passion you will be successful and become will known.

You can always have passion.  It does not make a difference until you put it into action.

How to get your spouse’s support for self-employment (Free Agent Underground Show with Kevin Miller)

This is a “Tag Team” episode where Teri and Kevin share their thoughts about how to get spouse’s support for self- employment.  They have experienced worst and best of their marriage life. It is encouraging to hear them be so open and candid about the way they have lived life.

If you are married, plan on getting married; and are considering self-employment, then listen to this one.

Here are the key items that they point out:

  • Marriages has many struggles specifically in pursuing self-employment
  • Talk often about work decisions with your spouse

The primary takeaways on this episode are about your vision together as married couple.

Question: What’s the purpose and value in pursuing the self-employment job?

Teri sights that there should be a constant communication between husband and wife so that both will know the hopes and dreams for each other than the purpose of what you are doing.