48 Days Online Radio Show (Episode: Are You Praying Like This?)

One of the podcasts listened to is the 48 Days Online Radio Show Episode Are You Praying Like This?


”Asking for something from God does not mean talking God into it; it means an awakening of the gift within ourselves.”  

-Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, of The Naked Now

In this episode Dan discusses the quoted theme presented above and said that “If you’ve got the desire, don’t just ask God and then go sit on a stump. If you’ve got that desire, it probably means that God has already planted within you the means to make that happen.” Aside from this, he had shared success stories of people who had never stopped to pursue their goals in life. Their passion to their own jargon or interests had led them to successfully finally reach their goals and purpose in life.

One of the stories shared was regarding one author, who is famous as a freelance writer who together with her family had transfer to another country to proclaim their faith. Despite the fact that she, together with her husband, is very successful in her expertise, their family had been happier in their chosen vocation to be part of a ministry.

Another story is regarding a photographer who for years had finally reached his goal in making a famous sports-related shot.

No matter what kind of stories one had, it is his choice that makes him happy. And putting that choice into action with passion is something that will let that person happier than he had been before. Always remember, knowing what you want to do and making that happen is what matters to give you a purposive and goal-oriented life. These things are what this episode exemplifies.

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  • You don’t believe in the value of what you’re selling.
  • You have an unhealthy relationship with money.

“In writing a book, be able to distinguish yourself with something popular for your pen name.”


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