48 Days Online (Episode: You must be what you can be.)

After a week of gleaning from podcast episodes, this is the best episode based on its takeaways.

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The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

48 Days Online (Episode: You must be what you can be.)


In this episode, 48 Days Online Episode hosted by Dan Miller talked about how to pursue your greatest potentials, leave the mediocre life behind and get ready for a happy and successful life!


The episode moved as Dan gave principles and encouragement for everyone to step out, not settle for anything less and become the best of what you can be!




Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The stair steps to success!Stairs_To_Success
  • Not putting yourself in a position of desperation in pursuing your dreams.
    “Nobody does their best art when they’re desperate.”


  • Men who have not generated income because their wives are working.
  • Pursuing your dreams while providing for your family.
  • Generating income with the help of others.
    “Most people who have extraordinary success in their businesses have a lot of connections and people around them.” connections
  • The power of connection! 
    - Nobody is successful alone.

    - Nobody makes it to the top in isolation.
  • Our need for others is essential.
    “We all are connected to other people that help us on our successful journey.”  

    “We all need somebody to lean on.”
  • Combining your passion, talent and creating your own economic model.
  • Designing your plans for life and business.
  • Creating a list of ideas!  Ideas-List
    - Commit to making 20 ideas combining your passion, talents and purpose (e.g. helping others).

    - Traveling while providing people information they need to know about exotic places
  • Finding ways in maximizing profits (ex: designing, distributing T-shirts)
  • Taking your ideas to the next level 
    “The biggest challenge is marketing.” 

    (explore other avenues to share the business ideas: mugs, hats, etc. )
  • Figuring out your unique skills and abilities  question 1
    - What are your personality tendencies?
    – How do you relate with other people?
    - What are your values, dreams, and passion?

    – What are those recurring things you are drawn to?
    - What do you often do with your free time?
  • The power of an idea – knowing the best idea that will fit you!
  • Weighing the cost of income of your business 
    Question:  “What do you think of starting a dessert shop business?”
    - A tough business model 

    “Customers who come in your shop will stay for long hours consuming your retails and valuables while only having to pay a very small amount compared to the cost of your expense you invest in your business.”cupcake
  • Enduring anxieties versus the need to contribute to your household income.
    Question: I have panic attacks but I need to contribute to our family income, how do I deal with that? anxiety-attack
    - Know what is possible. Know your strengths
    - Work with a counselor to guide you.
    - Find productive things to do
     even with the limitations and capabilities you have.
    - Move beyond your limits.
    - Find something that could generate your income even while staying at home.
  • marriage brekasChanging Careers
    Q: Should I leave my marriage to pursue my dream?
    Changing careers does not require putting a relationship at risk.” 
    - Consult a marriage coach.
    - Divorce will just increase more monetary pressure.



“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be.” — Abraham Maslow


  • “Don’t try to go to something you never had. Go to something that is already in line with what you enjoy.”
  • “Don’t settle for less!”
  • “Its not possible to have success without any other people around you. You have to please somebody else for your work before having any kind of rewards.”
  • Start your own mastermind group.



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