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In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts Jared Easley interviewed Mike Kim!Mike Kim

Mike is a business consultant, speaker, and a chief marketing officer.  Mike is also the host of the Up and to the Right Podcast and the MikeKim.TV.

Let’s hear from Mike today!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Mike’s passion for music
  • What to consider when making a difficult decision
  • Mike talked about being burned out
    “Never let burnout be the deciding factor!” burned out
  • How to deal with being “burned out”
    -    Visualize the kind of life you have if you are not burned out.
    -     Know the source why you’re burned out, then take action steps.
  •  Mike’s 80 hours per week day jobs
    (Chief marketing position, pastoring a church, business in blogging)
  •  Accepting necessary endings
    dead end sign post
  •  How blogging became Mike’s avenue in sharing his life and business experiences
  •  The importance of having a life coach
  •  Assessing the career you value mostcareer-choice-assessment door 3 color
  •  Stepping into the unknown path of life
  •  Sharing your potentials to world
  •  How Mike starved the doubts in his life
    “Start within yourself and think big.”
  • Bringing traffic to your site
    -          Share stuff that are valuable to people.
    -          Be YOU!
  • Tips on how to start with your blog blog key pad
    -  Set up a landing page where people can give their emails.
    -  Write guest posts.
    -  Connect with other bloggers.
    -  Launch your blog.
    -  Ask friends to spread the word to your audience.
  •  How to start your own podcast microphone close up
    -          Map out your first 8-10 episodes.
    -          Deliver consistently.
  • Top three books Mike recommends for marketers:
    1. Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples
    2. Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
    3. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin
  • Why a leader should have confidence
  • Mike’s encouragement for discouraged people – Keep going!
    “The person who keeps on going will be rewarded.” keep running
  • Learning to encourage yourself
  • Focusing with great ideas
    “Set a time working with your ideas.”
  • What Mike is most proud of: Helping others grow in business
  • The person that interests Mike Kim


“You are more valuable than you think. You got something unique that you are called and assigned to share and impart to this world before you’re gone. Do the works, develop yourself, and fulfill your potentials.”


Additional Tips:

  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”
  • “The greatest gift that you can give to God and to people is to fulfill your potentials.”

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This Is Your Life Podcast EP57: Why you must confront seemingly Indispensable but disrespectful members)

After a week of gleaning from several podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

The primary goal of is to help listeners choose podcasts by providing information before they even listen to an episode. This will help them assess which one will provide them with maximized learning and enjoyment.

The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

This Is Your Life Podcast EP57: Why you must confront seemingly indispensable but disrespectful members

Michael Hyatt banner

In this episode, host of This is Your Life Podcast Michael Hyatt,  discussed a very important matter every team must pay attention to especially if they are aiming for success.

Every growing partnership or organization will inevitably face conflicts with its members. This podcast will help listeners learn why you MUST CONFRONT seemingly INDISPENSABLE BUT DISRESPECTFUL MEMBERS. 

Michael says, “Confrontation is never easy, but is essential for creating a healthy organizational culture.”

Michael Hyatt starts this podcast with a question:michael-hyatt-headshot

“As a leader, what do you do when you have an employee or a colleague who disrespects you in front of your team? What do you do when this employee is a top performer and one of your supervisor’s favorites?”

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:



    –   Take some time to reflect.
    -   Consult a trusted adviser.

  • ACTION #2: COUNT THE COST.shocked when he receiveda text
    –   Be willing to put your whole well being at risk.

    ” If you have something negative to someone, speak with him in person. Second option is by phone but never through an email or text.”



    –   Ask for your supervisor’s support.  supervisor talking

    –   No exceptions and excuses. Never tolerate disrespectful behavior.confrontation1
    “These are not easy conversations, but these uneasy situations will define your leadership.”

    –   Affirm the employee first.
    –   Make them come to a decision.



  1. How to work harmoniously with someone from a different culture. 
  2. How to deal with a disrespectful co-worker when your team leader is not yet aware of the situation.  
  3. How can I overcome the fear caused by intimidating conversations like this?
  4. How to confront disrespectful older people, relatives, and team members who are closely related to my boss. 
  5. How to confront disrespectful unpaid volunteers. 


“You can’t develop people and take them to the next level unless you are willing to speak into their lives. Take courage in doing it — for their benefit and for your team.”


  • “Culture is ultimately shaped by the behavior of the leaders.”
  • “And either way, whether you chicken out and let the behavior slide, or confront it head on, it will affect your reputation with your team, your boss, and yourself.”




starve banner  In this episode, host of Starve the Doubts, Jared Easley, interviewed the man behind, Teach Your Passion and Kindle Your Passion. The very passionate entrepreneur is no other than Jonathan Milligan of the Miligan

Jonathan is really passionate in using his blogs as an avenue to share all the things he learned in life and business. His mission is to help people know what they really want and exhaust all the possible resources he can give to help people get to their dreams.

Jonathan is a blogger who learned to monetize his blogs while being able to add value and share helpful knowledge to people. This episode will help bloggers and starters do the same!


Here is what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Jonathan started with his career
  • Jonathan’s reason for starting his own blog
  • Monetizing your blog dollar key pad
  • Getting a career in blogging
  • Jonathan discussed what Blogging Your Passion is all about. blogging your passion banner
  • Why other bloggers need to know about
  • Knowing what your audience wants
    -          Spend time with them.
    -          Ask your audience what they want.
    -          Take note of their response.
    -          Conduct surveys.
  • Starting an online course
  • The importance of having an exclusive group of people in working with your ideas
  • How to put up a paid membership site join
  • Steps in making your members continue with their membership
    -    Give them what to expect.
    -    Post your contents in a regular schedule.
    -    Stay active in interacting with your audience in forums.
  • How you should think when building an online course
  • Disadvantages of information overload
  • Creating a course with a promisenetwork of people
  • Growing a healthy personal network 
  • Working in the age of technology
  • Ways on receiving online payments
  • Jonathan talked about the differences in the agenda of:
    (, Kindle Your Passion and Teach Your Passion)
  • Jonathan’s new courses in Teach Your Passion
  • Helping other individuals grow as a leader in Boost Leader Summit
  • What Jonathan would say to a person who says:
    -          “I like self discipline.”
    -          “I want to build a lifestyle business.”
    -          “I want to discover my passion.”
    -          “I want to live with greater focus.” Follow-your-passion
  • Jonathan shares his L.I.F.E goals
    -Location independent
    -Financial Freedom



Don’t think that you need to be an encyclopedia of knowledge to please your audience. Simply, share your ideas and experiences, add value to the community, and don’t forget to be YOU!


Additional Tips:

  • Your course must create a promise. And that promise should be kept.
  • Priorities are done early in the morning!
  • You have to be willing to change your mind set.
  • Figure out who will be your boss. You need to have both the worker hat and the boss hat!
  • Decide on what’s important! Write your goals.
  • Discovering your passion is discovering your unique gift.




Blogcast FM: WDS 2013 Recap, Non-Attachment Accelerated Learning


This podcast episode was first heard on BlogCast FM Backstage in 2013 and was hosted by Srinivas Rao and Greg Hartle. Their podcast show had a remarkable transformation and is now known as the Unmistakable Creative Podcast. Check out their incredibly creative site!

unmistakble creative

In this episode, Srini and Greg talked about a timeless topic for this generation. Something that we somehow really need to learn, and that is - Non-Attachment! 

Learn as the episode moved into discussing significant mindsets that a person needs to develop to attain success in business and life!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Living in a World of Diminishing Permanence
    -   Learning how to manage change
    change“We’re living in a world of diminishing permanence. It is important to have a practice of non-attachmentThe world is constantly changing.”



  • Spiritual Practice of Non-Attachmentdisconnect
    The ability to disconnect on things”
    -   Practice non-attachment.
    -   Letting go of things you think you need.
    -   Letting go of emotional attachment.
  • Balancing positive and negative events in life 
    -   Training yourself how to handle the good times to be prepared when time of pressure comes.thumbs up and thumbs down
  • Daily practices during the “Up-times” in preparation for the “Down-timesCreate something new everyday!”


  • Self assessment
    -   Ask yourself: 
    “What did you possibly accomplish in your life now?”
    “What have you not possibly done so far?”one-to-one-advertising-conversation

  • The value of practicing intimate conversation 
    -  Get in depth with somebody.
    -  Be open to one-on-one conversation with other people.
  • Do as much experimentation as possible -Take riskexperiment
    -   Hypothesis, experimentation, and simulation
    “Small ideas matter so much
    This will lead to improving how you do it better, than when you started.”
  • Developing your own perspective different egg
    “Being different is the starting place.”

    -   Most people don’t develop their own perspective.
    -   Mimicking will not work in today’s world.
    -   Start developing your own perspective on your business.
  • The advantages of negative situations in starting up a successful business
    -  Know what bothers you.
  • The concept of Accelerated Learning and right expectations
    “Let go of the idea that you’ll know how people will respond. Instead, create what you think you want to create and start with a thesis!” accelerate
  • Quit, move forward, and get ready for acceleration! 



We are living in world of so much noise. There are many things available in our time today that grab our attention. And the only way for an individual to stand out is when he becomes uniquely different from the rest! 

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t just be better, be different!



The Sales Evangelist EP1: The Art of Selling with Jeffrey Gitomer

After a week of gleaning from podcast episodes, this was the best episode based on its takeaways.

The primary goal of is to help listeners choose podcasts by providing information before they even listen to an episode. This will help them assess which one will provide them with maximized learning and enjoyment.

The Podcast Episode of the Week winner is:

The Sales Evangelist EP1: The Art of Selling with Jeffrey Gitomer!

Sales Evangelist Banner

Donald Kelly, the sales evangelist, is the host of the Sales Evangelist show – and this, in fact, was the very first episode! Donald started in sales from scratch and eventually transformed his income, achieving a remarkable growth with the help of top sales experts he met along his entrepreneurial journey. The show’s intent is to evangelize listeners using sales principles, tips, and real-life experiences to help create a significant difference in their income!


The launch of the show moved as Donald Kelly, with co-host Jared Easley from Starve the Doubts, interviewed guest, Jeffrey Gitomer, to talk about The Art of Selling!

Jeffrey is the author of The New York Times best sellers The Sales BibleThe Little Red Book of SellingThe Little Black Book of Connections, and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.

Jeffrey also gives around a hundred presentations a year and does public and corporate seminars. He also runs annual sales meetings and Internet training programs on selling, customer loyalty, and personal development. Jeffrey was also inducted into the National Speaker’s Association Hall of Fame! 

Jeffrey says, “I give value first.  I help other people.  I strive to be the best to what I love to do.  I establish long term relationships with everyone.  I have fun and I do that every day!”


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • When Jeffrey was starting in the business
    -          He lived in a successful home environment.
    -          He started making money at a young age.
    -          He knew what he was capable of doing.
    -          He never doubted himself.
    “Even I went broke a couple of times, I never doubted myself.”
  • Jeffrey’s advice for people who may not have a positive background in success
    -          Think positive, avoid negative stuff, live positively.
    -          Quit a job you don’t love doing.
    “Wake up and do something positive every day.”
  • Jeffrey talked about his stand: “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to BUY.” 
  • aggresive scary man salesAssertive Sales versus Aggressive Sales
    -          An aggressive sales person tells you everything.
    -          An assertive sales person asks you everything.
    “Ask more questions rather than tell a bunch of facts.”


  • How does Jeffrey get someone to buy?
    -          Determine your customer’s motive and urgency for buying.
    -          Know the value of the product for your customer.
    -          Never ask their budget.
  • Jeffrey’s reason for moving into sales
    -          Jeffrey didn’t want to rely the sales of his business on other people.
    -          Jeffrey wants to take ownership working with his sales.
    “Be the standard of how to make sales before hiring your own sales team.”
  • Is academics a factor in sales? -“Everyone can get a job in sales.”
    academics boy writng in board
  • Fail first to move forward?rejected
  • Why people fall away from sales?
    -          They can’t take rejection.
    -          Rejection comes 7-8 times.
  • Jeffrey’s failures in the business and how he made his rebound
    -          Name your desired outcome and get there in every possible way you can.
    -          Try your best to get to the next level.
    -          Put yourself in a winning position.
    “I don’t think you need to fail in order to succeed, but it can help you.”
  • How Jeffrey overcame his life challenges
  • Training yourself with a positive mental attitude
    “Your attitude stays with you.”
  • How being an early bird benefits Jeffrey and his company wake up alrm clock

    “Accomplishing majority of your work early in the morning will make you feel great the rest of the day.”



  • How to face sales people who already know everything
  • Making yourself available in the new platforms
    “Make sure your customers can find and interact with you in a unique way.
  • How to develop your own brand
    -          Start a website and a blog.
    -          Have a platform in the different social media.
  • Jeffrey defines hard work! 
  • hard work man pushes big stone aheadJeffrey’s encouragement for everyone who wants to let go of laziness, get pro-active, and pursue hard work:

“Laziness happens when you don’t love what you’re doing.”

“Shout for the love you want and quit if you don’t.”

  • Encourage yourself: Right self talk = Positive performance!
  • The importance of self-assessment to identify holes that need attention.
  • Applying good sales principles to other areas of life.



“Have a self-assessment. Gauge yourself from 1-10 on the things you’re capable of, on the relationships that you build with your customers, on the love of your brand, and all the things that you need to do that are the foundations to your own success.” – Jeffrey Gitomer


Additional Tips:

  • People don’t like to be sold, but they love to BUY.
  • Plant facts and let your market decide what they’ll do with it.
  • Take away your “TV time” and have more time in the social media to connect with your market/audience.
  • You’ll be a solid mediocre player if you’re doing a job you don’t love.
  • Wake up earlier, have a good time, sleep later.




starve banner In this Starve the Doubts episode, Jared Easley welcomes his co-host, Chelsea Avery of, as they interview the guest of the day. Interestingly, the guest was no other than Chelsea’s husband, Ryan Avery.

Ryan Avery is the co-author of the book Speaker, Leader, Champion: Succeed at Work through the Power of Public Speaking. One of Ryan’s greatest achievements was when he became the champion of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Amazing! Ryan-Avery-Keynote-Speaker

The episode moved as Ryan talked about the importance and power of our voice and why we should step out and share our message to the world Ryan shared the greatest principles he learned as a speaker and how these led him to become more passionate in motivating others to speak up.

Having said that, Ryan is not just an author, but a world champion public speaker.  The episode also gave a glimpse of the new world record Ryan is pursuing. Let’s learn from the champion today!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The change in Ryan’s life after winning the World Championship of Public Speaking 
    “The key to success and anything in life is how well you can communicate.”
    ryan-avery speaking in toastmaster “You can have ideas, products, and services but until you are able to effectively communicate the value of what you provide, you have nothing.” Ryan Avery champion with finalists in world speaking championship
  • Ryan’s turning point:  From a non-profit organization to putting up his own  business
  • From being an average to being the best
  • Being a full time professional speaker
  • Ryan’s passion in teaching everyone to use the power of their voice
  • Use your voice, deliver your message! speak out silouet
    “There are so many people out there that are so afraid to do it. You have to be that person to step up and show them. It’s ok. Do not be afraid.”
  • Share your unique ideas and experiences – Inspire others!
    “Your voice is the most powerful tool in the planet!”
  • Widening your knowledge (read books, watch movies, etc.)
  • Ryan’s takeaways from his speaking workshop tour across North America 
  • Add value. Do it your way. See lives change. Be beyond successful!
    “You have to go in and add value. Don’t think about looking funny. Don’t think about being perceived as great. Just go in there and add value the way you want to add value!”
  • Working with Plan A and B
  • Leaving a place that you love: Why Ryan and Chelsea temporarily moved from Oregon to Texas
    Avery on Texas
  • What about travel more?
    “When you travel, you get to see what else is out there. And what you learn is not the only way or the right way. It’s just the way that works for you.”
  • How Ryan and Chelsea managed to draw a great number of audience to their workshop
  • The biggest lessons Ryan learned as a person from his speech workshop tour
  • Ryan talked about his Big Book Launch – getting into a new World Record!
  • Ryan’s advice for people who fear failure -  “You’re going to fail…be comfortable of failure.”
  • Redefine failure into an inspiration – Be excited about failure!
    “Leaders are always inspired with failure.”
    Fail stamp
    “Quit being afraid…If you’re afraid and you won’t take action, there’s a 100% chance that you won’t succeed.”   
  • Ryan’s big dreams on the horizon!
  • Ryan’s biggest take away for the listeners, Keep Using Your Voice to Make a Difference!”



Not everyone has the privilege to communicate with their voices, so step out and speak your message. Don’t be afraid; start inspiring others using your voice!


Additional Tips:

  • Good communication = good relationships = good life.
  • Look into the people and see how their lives are changed when you step in and add value.
  • A good leader is ought to be a good speaker.
  • Get up!  Do the things you know you can do.
  • Don’t be afraid…If you think you want to do it, just do it!
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Always remember to dream big!





IBM EP:216 A New Trend in Online Income that will Grow Your Business, an Interview with Jim Hopkinson

internet business mastery   In this episode, Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen of Internet Business Mastery interviewed Jim Hopkinson.

Jim Hopkinson

Jim is a successful solo entrepreneur whose niche is salary negotiation, which he learned from various start-ups and working for major brands like Wired. Jim’s great achievements in the realm of business have influenced and helped other entrepreneurs in their path as he shares all his experiences and learning online.

The episode moved as Jim talked about an untapped way to create an online income stream and a simple way to launch your first course!


Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Simple ways to validate your ideas that will work for you:
    -  Put up a website; see if you’ll create traffic.
    -  Write eBooks and see if you can sell them.
    -  Do one-on-one consulting.
    build a websiteebookreadingcoaching (texts)
  • Put up online courses.
  • Teach academic and skills courses online.
    target skills
  • Self-host an online course on your existing website using Word Press plug-ins.
  • 3 things people need to keep in mind before deciding which platform to use:
    1. Marketing
    2. Tech Support
    3. Revenue share
  • Steps to get to your first sale. recording online course live
    -  Create a basic power point presentation.
    -  Record a video.
    -  Set up an online task.
    -  Do more online speaking and consulting.
    -  Figure the structure of your course.
    -  Break it to free and paid courses.
    -  Make your course funny and engaging.
  • The 80/20 of production value to make your online course stand out!
  • Knowing the appropriate tools needed for your course.
  • The importance of having different platforms. social media platforms
  • The ideal people to use massive online platforms.
  • What’s next after having your platforms?


  • Getting an upload and approval process.
  • How to bring the market’s attention to your online course.
  • Creating a high quality course. udemy course jim hopkinson
  • Jim talked about his online course in Udemy  
    - The outcome in putting up a course in Udemy
    - Udemy’s email system



Make your online course available in different kinds of platforms to reach as many potential income generators as possible.


Additional Tips:

  • Be present in the process of putting up your course.
  • Promote each other’s online courses.