Starve The Doubts (STARVE010: Dave Delaney – New Business Networking)

In this episode, Jared was able to interview Dave Delaney, who is the author of New Business Networking: How effectively grow your business through online and offline methods.


Initially, the conversation was about personal questions in which Dave was asked what he preferred between two options like Starbucks vs. Tim Horton coffee, Edinburgh vs. Dublin, etc.


The next intriguing part Jared discussed with Dave was his best practices or tips on parenting, public speaking, attending conferences, Improv Comedy and other topics.

red ninja dave delaney

One of Dave’s most favorite stories was the hashtag red ninja and during this episode, he was able to explain it to Jared.

Aside from the topics discussed above, Jared asked Dave regarding how to organize local meet-ups. And the highlight of this interview is regarding Dave’s book on New Business Networking. Dave explained for whom the book was written and the purpose of the book. He stressed “Building one’s network now” like being on Linkedln, to be able to connect with other people with some future benefits.

Dave was also asked during this episode regarding his advice to those who aren’t inclined to networking events (introverts). Dave discussed the importance of listening and not just talking in his book as discussed in this episode.

Additional Tips:

“Always treat others, the way you wanna be treated.”


Podcast Episode Winner of the Week 010 (SPI 074 : The Power of Relationships, Masterminds, Meeting in Person and BFFs with Chris Ducker)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways.  The primary goal of is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you cherry-pick the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:

SPI 074 : The Power of Relationships, Masterminds, Meeting in Person and BFFs with Chris Ducker

SPI 065

In this episode, Pat had a discussion with Chris Ducker of regarding relationships, masterminds, meeting in person and BFFs.


The topics discussed in this episode are as follows:

  • Difference and  Importance of relationships on different levels
  • Relationships with BFFs vs. masterminds
  • Meeting people in person (how to answer questions with or from them) in building relationships
  • How Chris and Pat were able to build a relationship
  • How to build relationships with other people online
  • Tips on how to get interactions and create successful small community conference for entrepreneurs
  • Importance of sharing ideas with other people
  • How to have successful business breakthroughs
  • How to successfully build email list
  • Importance of creating a true profile of your about pages in your sites (to create impressions)
  • What is the worth of every service you will provide (free or with charge)?


“When something is a bit scary. I know that something is worth doing.” – Pat Flynn

“Connect with people that you will be able to build relationships with.” – Pat Flynn

 This episode was an impromptu session regarding the discussion of how successful a full-day premium mastermind event for 25 people at a co-working space here in San Diego on July 12th was. They had been able to talk about what they learned from putting on the event and also how important starting and building relationships is for your business, and just how powerful extremely close relationships are for your business too.

Additional Tips:

“Put yourself in uncomfortable situations to be comfortable.” – Patt Flynn

 “Put yourself in a group of people that will help you change your life.” – Patt Flynn


Smart Passive Income (SPI070 : The Brain, The Equation of Emotion and How We Feel)


SPI 065

In this episode, Pat Flynn had a conversation with Sean Webb, author of How Emotions Work, regarding the brain and why and how we feel what we feel.

In this episode the following topics had been discussed:

  • The reason(s) Sean walked away from his successful, 6-figure job.
  • Sean’s presentation about what he discovered about emotion to M.I.T. and Georgia Tech.
  • The equation of emotion and why it plays a role in everything that we do.
  • Specific examples of how one may be able to use the equation of emotion to improve their business.
  • How Pat personally, could have improved his own situation when his servers went down for an entire week a couple of months ago.
  • Whether or not changing your expectations is simply a way of fooling yourself.
  • Some of our favorite quotes to live by.

Sean Webb

During the conversation, Sean had stressed out his discussion on one’s sense of self and how attached one can be with his preference/expectation helps dictate how much emotion one feel. Aside from this, Sean was also able to emphasize and explain the benefit of meditation to control one’s mind.

What I love about this episode is that concepts about brain/psychology/Sean’s equation are coupled with discussion on experiences and real life scenarios.

Additional Quotes:

  • “Whether you think, you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford
  • “Learn from your failures.”
  • “Haters are going to hate.”
  • “Control your mind or it will control you.”- Horace
  • “World peace can only be attained through inner peace.” – Gandhi


Podcast Episode Winner of the Week 009 (BlogcastFM: The First 20 Hours of Learning Any Skill with Josh Kaufman)

After a week of gleaning through a week of podcast episodes, this was the best episode regarding their best takeaways. The primary goal of is to help those who listen to podcasts by providing you with information to help you cherry-pick the best episodes for your listening pleasure.

This week’s Podcast Episode Of The Week Winner is:

The First 20 Hours of Learning Any Skill with Josh Kaufman


In this episode of Blogcast FM, Srinivas Rao had an interview with Josh Kaufman, author of the Personal MBA and First 20 Hours.

In the first part of the discussion, Josh was able to provide his simple background. According to Josh, his book entitled Personal MBA was taken inspiration from the thousands of books he had read. During the interview, Josh provided a bunch of tactical information and tips.

josh kaufman

These are some of the important discussions made during the interview:

  • What Can the Marketing of Procter and Gamble provide to you
  • Information on How You Can Conduct Consumer Research
  • The Essence of Rapid Experimentation in Your Early Days
  • The Pros You Have Over Procter and Gamble
  • Translating Data and Insights into Something Actionable
  • Why You Should Tune Out What Other People Are Doing
  • The Power of Taking a Very Strong Stand on Things
  • Dissecting How to Give Yourself an MBA
  • An In-Depth Exploration of Self-Directed Learning
  • Deconstructing Things into Smaller Parts
  • The Growth and Many Iterations of the Personal MBA
  • The #1 Mistake You’ve Heard 1,000 Times
  • Seeds for What Resulted in the First 20 Hours
  • An In-Depth Look into Josh’s Accelerated Learning Model

According to Josh, Marketing of Procter and Gamble focus on teaching someone the fundamentals of marketing (who you are building something for, the connection between what the company provides with what customers wanted). This insight was presented in his book Personal MBA.

josh kaufman1

In addition to this, according to Josh, getting started into something can be done by doing experimentation of taking responses from other people.

Josh was also able give the following tips (from Personal MBA) in the experimentation process that will make it useful for someone to take action:

  • Pay attention to the responses. (Priming your brain)
  • Actively reach to people who are interested in the matter of discussion.

My Biggest Takeaways:

Don’t be afraid to make a stand on something. – Josh Kaufman

The next best time to plant a tree is NOW – Josh Kaufman.

Josh had also discussed about the Personal MBA’s mental model. In this model, all situations can have a fundamental idea that you can generally apply into. Personal MBA had evolved from a form to a website to a blog, Josh also shared. This book was intended for someone to be able to learn about business. Aside from the discussion of his book, Josh was also able to stress out in the episode, the importance of email lists.

First 20 hours, on the other hand, was also discussed in the episode. Josh was able to be inspired in writing the book because of his passion to learn new skills despite becoming a parent. He also was able to explain the method he had presented in the book. He emphasized super common sense (target performance level) plus research and one should practice the skill. Put a pre-commitment (for 20 hours) on learning something, Josh also emphasized. What is good about the discussion of this book is Josh sharing his experience on learning something (windsurfing). Josh also had discussed the importance of podcasts and blogs with marketing a book.

Josh, in the last part of the discussion provided tips that allowed him to reach success, as follows:

  • Willing to jump in and get their hands dirty by learning a skill (writing, do podcast, sell a course)
  • Amount of Persistence in doing something interesting and cool in a new way.

Additional Tips:

  • It’s not enough to be better anymore. You have to be different. – Josh Kaufman
  • If you’re trying to please every single person on earth, you’ll drive yourself crazy. – Josh Kaufman


Starve The Doubts (STARVE004 : Andy Traub Interview – Author of Early to Rise &



In this episode, Jared had an interview with Andy Traub, author of Early to Rise and and was able to put Santiago Jaramillo, CEO of BlueBridge Digital, on Spotlight.

santiago jaramilloSantiago was able to present his life success stories. He presented his biography from a little boy to becoming a successful person at the moment. His driving ambition came from the different opportunities and blessings he had been able to encounter, despite the tough times they had experienced in their family.

Jared introduced Andy Traub’s profile before proceeding with the in-depth interview with him. Initially, Jared asked Andy personal questions like what are the two apps he is mostly using daily, “Why does he like Carrie Underwood?”, “What does he prefer; short or long books?” and others. In this part of the episode, Andy stressed that he believes no one expects perfect because perfection drives one insane.


After some of these personal questions, Jared chose different thoughts from Andy’s book and asked his insights by completing the chosen thoughts. Thoughts included insights on success, performance, competition and taking action. In addition to the topics discussed, Jared asked Andy about what he learned from other people he encountered in listening to podcast and reading books.

The important discussion presented in the episode is the premise of the book “Early to Rise”. Andy emphasizes that it is not just about getting up early but how to remove the obstacles why you are not getting up early. And aside from this, if you get up early, you are looking forward for tomorrow. Andy mentioned, “One of the reason why you don’t want to get up early is because you don’t like your life.” The book is for a life-changing encounter not just getting up early. It presents why you need to get up early.

Additional Tips:

  • “You can do it, if you just simply start making it easy.”
  • “The only way to guarantee success is try hard and fail.”
  • “Past poor performance is not an indication of future performance or future results.”
  • “Doing less allows you to achieve more.”
  • “Do what people do if you want to be like them.”


Podcast of the Month: June 2013 (STARVE 009)

There are times when decisions come naturally, and there are times when you really need to look at a decision from multiple angles.

I had three finalists for the podcast of the month.  My only intention last month was that I would spend extra time listening to newer shows.  Little did I know that later on, these newer shows would become my podcasts of the week.

The runners-up were David J. Soler and Amy Porterfield’s shows.  I need to clarify why they are being placed in this position.  I am a student of the Internet Business Mastery Academy.  One of the learning techniques that they teach is just-in-time learning.  These two podcasts are one’s I will archive when I plan on using the information they provided.  David and Amy, great job with your shows!  I look forward to listening to more of what you put out on your podcasts.

The Podcast of the Month Winner is:

STARVE009 – Ryan Avery – The World Champion of Public Speaking

Starve The Doubts

Jared Easley put together a great interview with Ryan Avery.

When I listened to the show again, I became more impressed with this episode.  Ryan Avery talks about using positive pressure to achieve your goals.  It makes me think about how often people are affected by peer pressure.  If we have the right peers, then that pressure can be directed in the right ways.

This is definitely an episode worthy of the podcast of the month.  Please add any comments below.


Starve The Doubts (STARVE002 : Krystyn Chong – Part 2 Content Questions)



This episode, is the part 2 continuation of Jared’s interview with Krystyn Chong.  Initially the episode had presented the Kid President Pep Talk.

The initial part of the episode, Jared asked Krystyn to tell something about herself. According to her, she had been on social media since 1996. She got noticed online after having a bad experience as an online manager in the first social media company. Her favorite social media platform is Google plus because it allows more originality to sell through and allows you to use it to make any avenue.


“If you’re serious, persistent and patient you can be able to see Google plus benefits”, according to her. She mentioned that “Google is the future.” She is famous for having interactive accounts in different social media especially Google Plus. She had witty posts, utilized hash tags and engaged people in her posts thus was able to create great impact to people on her posts. She likes to post things that make people get into thinking and those things that is oppose to what she is thinking. She also checked on her followers’ profile to get into their head.

She gave some tips to connecting to people. She stressed “STUDYING” (look on who your audience is and how you’re gonna get them) and make some goals. Her attention is drawn to posts that express people experiences. She also discussed the people who are unique and creative in utilizing social media. Aside from liking Google plus as a social media platform, she secondly chose Instagram if Google plus is not around. She also discussed some books she recommended to people.

Additional Tips:

  • “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
  • “I have just three things to teach. Simplicity, patience and compassion. These three are your treasures.”